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"Gets Thousands of NEW Visitors To Your Website... Fast!"

Simple "Traffic Machine" 
Creates Instant Avalanche of FREE Website Traffic

(...and NO, it doesn't involve Pay-Per-Click, Spam, FFA links, 
"Safe Lists", complicated search engine tactics,
Classified Ads, or any other crazy traffic

  • This Simple "Traffic Machine" works for ANYONE
    - no matter what product, service, or information you sell.

  • The targeted traffic it brings you is as good or better than anything you could pay for... except 
    you don't have to pay for it.


  • It brings Thousands of NEW visitors to your website for weeks, months, even years... without spending a dime on advertising.

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From Jim Edwards

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From:  Jim Edwards
Legitimate, simple method generates FREE traffic to Your Site!

Dear Friend,

Yes! It really is this simple...

Every month I average more than $5,864.44 in sales from just one of my websites (I have 9, 13, 15, 16 of them!)... and I do this with traffic I don't lay out a single penny for up front!  

How do I do it? 

A number of ways, but the most important one I'm going to tell you about today is with free articles I send out over the Internet. 

The website I mentioned above recently received 23,234 targeted visits in just 1 month (Click For Proof) from over 1,651 different sources - many of which came from my articles published in other people's ezines and on their websites. Like I said above, on average, those visitors convert into more than $5,864.41 in sales every month. I don't have to do much of anything now but cash the checks which come in twice a month. 

Oh, one more thing, that website has been #1 or #2 out of 1,000's of merchants on ClickBank's Business to Business Category for almost three years now (Click For Proof)!

"Outstanding! This is THE method I've been using for nearly ten years now to make myself rich and famous online. 

This e-book reveals the entire method---from soup to nuts---and it will work for anyone who uses it. Some of the resources in this ebook were a surprise, even to me. 

Get this one right now!"

- Joe Vitale, #1 Best-Selling Author - "Spiritual Marketing"

Here's my question to you: Even if you're making sales from your website, are you paying through the nose for the traffic that gets you those sales?

If you're making less than $500 a month from your website sales -- or even if you're making a lot more -- read every word of this letter very carefully and I will share with you information about my method for getting free traffic that turns into hard cash month... after month... after month!

Have you ever asked...

"How can I get more visitors to my website 
spending a fortune in advertising?" 

I used to ask that question daily until I discovered a dependable traffic source that 

  • Doesn't run dry...

  • Requires no complicated knowledge or skills, and... 

  • Doesn't cost any money to advertise!

Every website could use more traffic!

Every website could benefit from an extra 100, 200... even 500 visitors a day - especially if you didn't have to pay for them!

Those extra visitors translate into spendable cash... and I like that. However, if you're like me, you're not a search engine guru and you don't have an unlimited advertising budget. Also, you know that traffic schemes like "safe lists", FFA links pages, and "exit traffic" exchanges simply don't work. 

So what do you do?

Well, I've found a system for generating steady traffic to my websites that doesn't require you to become some sort of "guru" who can manipulate HTML code or install strange scripts. I've found something far simpler and effective that anyone can duplicate that drives targeted customers to your website as well or better than all the complicated and costly traffic schemes in the world! 

It's a simple formula really - I'll tell you exactly how it works right now... 

Step #1 - You write a 500 word article on a topic of great interest to a targeted audience and then...

Step #2 - You get a few of the tens-of-thousands of ezine publishers on the Web (who by the way need articles desperately) to run your article to their thousands of subscribers. 

Step #3 - Of those thousands of people who see your article, some will click on your link at the bottom of the article, visit your website, and purchase your products (or earn you commissions by purchasing other people's products through your affiliate links.) 

What makes this system even more effective is that, in many cases, website owners will also post your article to their websites (they're hungry for content too!), the search engines will index those pages, and you end up getting traffic for months -- sometimes years -- after you initially publish your article. 

Bottom Line: You continue to get traffic and customers from a one-time action!

"I'm very thankful these days for your Turning Words Into Traffic ebook. 

"Wow, am I getting some great results!"

I've been writing one article per week since Jan 1. They are getting published regularly now in ezines across the web. People are contacting me literally out of the blue, "we are publishing your article in tomorrow's ezine", etc etc etc.

This week one of my articles is being published in the WebProNews.com flagship ezine with 400,000 subscribers. Oh baby, that should bring some traffic! The editor Garrett French has also asked me to be their "resident tax expert", doing q&a with their subscribers, etc.

All this from writing articles. It works, Jim, just like you said it would! 

Thanks, man, for giving me so much useful info."

Wayne Davies
Fort Wayne, Indiana



"If you think you know it all when it comes to using articles to get more visitors to your site - think again!! 

I thought I did too until I read this work. You better bet I'll be using a few of these sweet techniques to build my online business to new heights. Heck, why not - it's free and it's some of the best traffic you can get to your site. I say grab this ebook now before everyone else does!"

-Yanik Silver, Author - "Instant Internet Profits"

How Is This Different and Better?

As you can see, we're not hiding anything! But 3 things make what we offer fresh and new over ANYTHING you'll find anywhere else on this subject:

  1. Step-By-Step Plan: We'll show you, step-by-step with a specific action plan, exactly how to write and publish a 'KILLER' article on the web.

  2. Money-Making: We'll show you, step-by-step, how and where to find, persuade and motivate dozens, hundreds, even thousands of ezine publishers and website owners to publish your article and post it to their websites. 

  3. Time-Saving: Just copy me! I've consistently used articles to create traffic in many different industries with many different websites... and I will show you exactly how to do it. (I'm not a "one-hit wonder" or somebody who got lucky with one article.)

The Worst-Case Scenario

Now some people - maybe even you - may wonder if promoting with articles always works to drive HUGE numbers of visitors to your site instantly every single time you do it. The truth is not every single article you write and distribute online will hit a "home run" and bring an avalanche of visitors to your site... in fact, some of my articles are "bunts" and "singles." But I have so many articles out there now that they all add up to a tremendous volume of steady traffic! Periodically I hit a "grand slam home run" with an article that takes on a life of its own and dumps thousands of visitors on my site in a couple of days! 

But I have great news! Here's the worst thing that can happen with each and every article you publish:

  • You continue to build your reputation and credibility with your target audience as a trusted expert.

  • As your credibility increases, "Joint Venture" partners will begin to seek you out and be open to your approaches.

  • You'll create additional tools your affiliates can use to sell more of your products.

  • You create more valuable content for your own and other people's websites that the search engines can index - driving even more traffic to your website or affiliate link.

  • You create additional installments for your autoresponder series that you can easily turn into profitable "mini-courses."

  • You'll get better and better at picking topics, distributing articles and your traffic logs will snowball with targeted visitors.

  • ... much more!

In fact, just by writing and distributing free articles on the Internet (something that gets pretty easy once you start doing it), you will become recognized as a world-class expert on the topic of your choice and you will have people seeking you out for all kinds of lucrative opportunities.

So you see, promoting with articles represents one of the best ways to not only get FREE traffic, but to build your business and your reputation online as well!

It's not your fault if you don't have enough traffic!

The traditional ways to getting traffic to your website can be
just plain difficult and confusing!

Beside the fact that the web grows more crowded every day, traditional traffic generation just keeps getting more complicated and confusing. Let's look at your options:

  • Search Engines - the closest thing to online marketing "Voodoo", the search engine rules change daily. As a former Vice President of Marketing for a major search engine optimization company, I can tell you that getting traffic this way is complicated, time-consuming... and VERY unpredictable. Keep the Pepto-Bismol handy if you choose to get your traffic this way.

  • Yahoo! - Yahoo! now charges $300 per year (with no guarantee of acceptance). They also change their rules a couple of times a year... so, after spending all that money, you still have no guarantee of good placement or traffic from Yahoo!

  • Pay-Per-Click Search Engines - although you can guarantee traffic to your site, those pay-per-click charges add up fast! Paying $20-$100 per hundred visitors makes it harder and harder to make any money this way.

  • Email Marketing - It used to be every online marketer's goal to have a big list of subscribers. But now, people are slowly becoming "immune" to email. They get 50 spam messages for every one they want to read. It's too easy for your message to get lost and deleted.

  • FFA pages and "Safe Lists" - These techniques do nothing more than flood your email box with spam and rarely -- if ever -- create additional sales.

  • Banners - PLEEEAZE! Banners get ignored more than telemarketers! Banners don't work at all anymore... if they ever did!

Your best source of FREE, Targeted Traffic and Customers!

I've done it all when it comes to getting traffic: traditional search engines... Yahoo!... email marketing... FFA pages... pay-per-click... even some SPAM early on in my career (but not much of that). Here's my philosophy when it comes to generating website traffic. 

It's quite simple really...

"You would much rather have a thousand people sending you two visitors a day than depend on two sources to each send you a thousand visitors a day!" 

(Re-read the above sentence one more time and let it sink in. It might just save your business!)

If you get your traffic spread out among hundreds and thousands of different sources and you lose one or two it's no big deal... business continues and life is good. 

But if all your traffic only comes from pay-per-click, or Yahoo!, or search engines like Google, or just a few key affiliates - what happens if you lose one of those sources? 

Answer: Your cash flow goes in the dumpster overnight! 

A simple alternative for steady, dependable website traffic
you can literally
"take to the bank!"

Turn Words
Into Traffic!

The Secret to Non-Stop
FREE, Targeted Traffic!
-by Jim & Dallas Edwards

Click here to => Order Now!

We'll show you our quick and easy techniques for pumping out high-quality, professional articles. 

We'll also show you how to persuade dozens, hundreds, even thousands of website owners and ezine publishers to put your article in front of very targeted readers who can visit your website and purchase your products. 

If you don't have time to write articles yourself, we'll show you how to easily find other people to write them for you... and you can claim the articles as your own!

Regardless of whether you actually "write" your articles or not, since these visitors come to your website after having read an article you wrote, they come with a very different mindset than if they're clicking on a search engine listing, a banner, or an affiliate link. 

Anyone who comes to your Web site as a result of reading your articles is very interested in learning more about you and your products. 

They are "pre-sold" on you! Why? 

Because they now see you as an expert who can help them solve a problem or fulfill a need! 

But more on that in a minute ... 

Click here to => Order "Turn Words Into Traffic" Now!

A Proven Track Record of Success Using Articles!

If you've read this far you probably have a question on your mind...

"Who the heck are Jim and Dallas Edwards and why are they qualified to teach me how to use articles to generate targeted traffic to my website?"

Jim Edwards
I'm a syndicated newspaper columnist and the author and co-author of seven best-selling ebooks, 2 CD-Rom products, a video, numerous audio tapes, a software package and a newsletter with thousands of subscribers. I've owned a website development company and was Vice President of Marketing for a major Search Engine Optimization company. In one nine-month stretch this past year I sold over $201,738 worth of products online and I recently sold over $39,631 worth of CD's with my partner in less than 30 days.

My articles have appeared before hundreds of thousands of people online because they've been published on websites and by ezine publishers all across the Internet for years. I have used those articles to generate many tens-of-thousands of visitors to my web sites and, as you read this, more visitors come in every day. This isn't some "pie in the sky" promise we're laying out for you, but an actual day-to-day, proven method I use to drive FREE traffic to my sites that makes me the money I use to pay my bills every month!

Dallas Edwards
My father, Dallas Edwards, is no slouch either. He has spent the last 40 years perfecting his writing skills and has 4 offline books and 3 ebooks to his credit. He has written hundreds of articles, papers, and essays for both his private clients and government contractors. Dallas knows how to drive people to action and he knows how to teach you to follow his proven, fast writing methods quickly and easily. In fact, the best proof I can offer you is this...

He's the guy who helped me learn how to write all these articles and ebooks I've published!

"Turn Words Into Traffic," we can teach anyone, even people who think they "can't write a lick," how to create a professional-grade article quickly (in just a couple of hours). We then teach you how to use it to start driving traffic to your website or through your affiliate links for weeks, months... even years. 

"In their brilliant 'Turn Words into Traffic,' Jim and Dallas Edwards actually show you the simplicity of turning words into money

In a warm and engaging style, they lead you by the hand into the land of clear writing, then guide you into the land of successful online marketing.

I rate their book as mandatory reading and recommend it to the skies!"

Jay Conrad Levinson
Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books

(14 million copies sold; now in 39 languages) 

It Doesn't Matter What You Sell - 
Articles Bring YOU More Traffic!

FACT: It doesn't matter if you're selling a product, service, or information. It doesn't matter if you're selling a $10 ebook or a $10,000 consulting service! This traffic machine works for corporate websites, small business, home-based business, self-published authors... even network marketers

It doesn't matter what you sell... this technique creates the FREE website traffic you need to make money!

Bottom Line: Promoting with articles creates large streams of steady and continuous traffic that comes to your website as a result of you taking just a few simple actions once... and you continue receiving that traffic for many weeks, months and even years after you performed the action. 

A complete, step-by-step roadmap for
FREE traffic using Articles!
(The more you do it... the more traffic you get. It "snowballs!")

Here's just part of what we'll teach you in this breakthrough course: 

  • SPECIAL Info Section - The exact sources I use to submit articles. I'll show you exactly where to submit your articles to eager ezine publishers and website owners who need content NOW! You get direct links to:

    • 15 of the Web's best ezine directory sources to quickly find and contact thousands of ezine publishers starving for content! Don't waste time searching for where to submit articles... get busy sending them to people who can publish them today! 

    • 23 specific article announcement sites to announce your article to thousands of eager website owners and ezine publishers who can publish and post your article immediately!

  • The 10 words you should never use in an article... and NO, "free" and "new" aren't two of them!

  • How to quickly build your own list of thousands of ezine publishers and website owners thirsty for content and ready to publish each of your articles as soon as you write them! 

    • Think about that for a second... Imagine yourself clicking a button and sending an article to people waiting to publish it to their lists and post it on their websites. I've done it! I'll show you how to build your own list step-by-step and set up a system where you write an article at 10:00 in the morning and by 3:00 in the afternoon it can be published and viewed by thousands of people online who can then come to your website and buy from you! 

  • This one tip can double, even triple, your article distribution! A simple but powerful trick not 1 in 100 article writers knows for promoting your articles with autoresponders. 

  • Use the power of promoting with articles without writing! Learn how to quickly and easily get articles you can put your name on as the author... without writing a single word! 

  • The plain truth about using search engines to promote using articles and getting traffic to your site. No, you don't have to become a search engine "guru" because I'll show you how to get 85 percent of the same results in about 1/50th the time. 

  • Avoid the ezine editor's trash can! My simple, powerful approach letters and subject lines get your articles read by ezine publishers who need content... instead of trashed like most of the others! 

  • Fatten your wallet by churning out excellent articles you never dreamed you could write. We'll teach you how to write Professional-Grade articles fast -- without the "brain pain" associated with traditional writing. 

  • Force people to reach down into their pockets, grab their wallets, and give you their money almost against their will... by learning the right way to create a compelling "Resource Box" which drives them to action!

  • How to use "sleeper links" to fly under people's anti-sales "radar!" - I'll show you my super-secret, private method for putting several different money-making opportunities into any article you write. This one tip alone is worth 100 times the price of this ebook because it will show you how to set up multiple profit centers in one article and fly "under the radar" defenses of your prospects... 

  • Click one button and instantly put your article in the hands of hundreds, even thousands of ezine publishers who can distribute your article to thousands of people - NOW! We'll show you how to develop and grow a list of hundreds and even thousands of website owners and ezine publishers who will eagerly read and publish every article you write. I've done it and I'll show you how! 

  • Our proven 11-step article writing "formula". Follow this formula to the letter and you're guaranteed to have an article others will eagerly publish on their website and promote to their lists. BEWARE: Miss any of these critical steps and your article will fall flat on its face. Follow our simple, proven model of success to increase your website traffic and create a profit explosion!

  • Turn each article into a potential profit generator by learning how to target your audience so thousands of people will not only want to read your articles, but will eagerly click on your resources box, visit your site, and buy your products or services!

  • FACT: people buy more easily and more readily from people they think they know than from people they don't. We'll show you how to develop a relationship with people so they'll feel like they "know" you -- without ever meeting them!

  • Look like a "seasoned pro". We'll show you how to polish your article so people will think you've been writing for years... even if you think you "can't write a lick!" 

We Take You By The Hand Through The Entire
Article Writing and Promotion Process
(Step-by-step... We "show" you exactly what to do!)

  • Step-by-step we'll show you exactly how to write your article, get it physically ready for publishing, and quickly put it in front of 1000's of people who can post it to their websites and publish it in their ezines.

  • Step-by-step you'll learn how to actually format text using the same software program I use every single day ... and best of all, the program is FREE! I've never found anything better! We'll illustrate everything for you using actual screen shots. 

  • I'll show you exactly how to put that formatted text into an autoresponder so people can request your article automatically 24 hours a day, seven days a week! In fact, I'll even show you three (3) different ways to get all the autoresponders you need free (or at least at no extra cost!)! 

  • I'll show you how to find and identify website owners who have the highest probability of publishing your article on their sites to generate traffic for you! This one technique alone will save you many hours of wasted effort asking the wrong people... and make you a lot more money by focusing your efforts only on people who can get you results! I'll even show you approach letters I've used to get articles posted -- instead of deleted! 

  • I'll show you how to use articles to help your affiliates sell more of your products while building your search engine "link popularity" faster than you ever dreamed possible! 

  • I'll show you a trick (I actually learned by accident) that now gets my articles published and posted by people I'd never even contacted and who don't visit article announcement sites. This truly makes your article "viral" and the best part about it... it's FREE! 

Warning: Don't Buy Any Course on Generating Traffic using Articles unless it meets these Six Criteria:

  1. Don't buy an ebook about generating traffic using articles from somebody who isn't doing it every day! Quite a few ebooks have come out about using articles to promote your site, but they're written by people who have no clue how to actually teach you how to write an article, let alone teach you how to generate traffic with one! Make sure you're not buying from some wannabe! It must be written by someone who uses articles consistently to generate traffic to multiple sites in multiple industries... not written by someone who got lucky with one article and can't explain in clear detail exactly how to duplicate their success over and over.

  2. It must give you step-by-step instructions on exactly how to write your articles quickly and in a way that automatically puts you "head and shoulders" above your competition.

  3. It must show you in detail how to create a resource box that drives people to your website like "Bees to honey!"

  4. It must show you step-by-step how to approach ezine editors and website owners and persuade them to publish and post your article.

  5. It must show you step-by-step how to perform all the mechanics involved with preparing your articles.

  6. It must give you dozens of high quality, dependable sources you can use daily to find new ezine publishers to approach and places to post your articles where website owners can easily find them!

In summary, here's what you get with "Turn Words Into Traffic":

You get immediate access to the breakthrough ebook "Turn Words Into Traffic" - where we teach you step-by-step how to write a "killer" article and then use it to drive thousands of new, motivated visitors to your website without spending a dime on traffic!

We'll show you this simple way to generate traffic that doesn't require special expertise, complicated scripts, or all that search engine junk that changes all the time. 

Quite simply, we'll show you how to use articles on the Web to generate FREE traffic day after day... week after week... month after month... year after year. I've done it and I can show you how to do it as well. 

If you respond right away, you pay $49 the introductory price of only $ 39.

 Act immediately and receive the following FREE Bonuses

Since we know it's 100% to your benefit to start using these techniques right away for getting traffic to your site or your affiliate links, we want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say "YES" today! 

If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following bonuses:

Special Bonus #1 - The "Magic" Article Writing Formula That Always Works! 

This is my super-fast formula for writing articles quickly, easily, and with "lightning-like" speed. 

This is the real, legitimate way I use to turn out fresh newspaper articles in 45 minutes that run in front of a hundred thousand readers in real-life newspapers. This technique isn't some game or gimmick that only works for people reading online who don't "count," but legitimate "real life" tactics I use to meet newspaper deadlines - weekly! I'll show you how to organize your thoughts, get your notes on paper, and create "killer" articles as fast as an hour... or less!

Special Bonus #2 - How to interview virtually anyone... about anything

Let's be perfectly honest. Most of the interviews you've read online stink! Why? Because most people just hand a list of questions to the person they interview and expect them to write the article for them! Well let me tell you, I've interviewed some of the top names online, including: Jay Conrad Levinson, Jay Abraham, Yanik Silver, Joe Vitale, Mark Joyner, Danny Sullivan, and many others. 

Those interviews rock because I don't leave it to the person I'm interviewing to answer the questions and do all the work. I'll show you the seven questions you can use as a basis for interviewing anyone and getting a kick-butt interview. Then, I'll show you my proven techniques for crafting your interview into a "killer" article or excellent case study... instead of this junk that people try to pass off as good information. 

Special Bonus #3 - "Confessions of An Ezine Publisher and Article Announcement Site Operator" 

How would you like an experienced ezine publisher and article announcement site operator to give you the "inside scoop" on why some articles make the author rich with traffic and sales, while other authors fall flat on their faces? If you know my work, you know I always put the customer first... and always ask the customer what they want before I even create the product. Well in this case, I'm going to let someone who operates an article announcement site with over 4,032 articles posted on it and an ezine with tens-of-thousands of subscribers tell you exactly why authors succeed and why they fail. This report is invaluable because it gives you the chance to hear exactly what your target audience wants from you! 

Special 30 Day Trial Offer

Don't decide now if "Turn Words Into Traffic" is right for you. Take 30 Days to put us to the test! If "Turn Words Into Traffic" doesn't show you exactly how to create professional-grade articles fast, exactly how and where to promote your article, how to drive readers from your article to your website so you can make more sales without spending ANY money on pay-per-click search engines, classified ads, FFA pages, or any other type of traffic scheme, we'll give your money back ... no questions asked! 

You can't lose with our 100%, ironclad, 
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Turn Words Into Traffic" ebook. 

Once your credit card is approved, you will immediately go to a special download page where you will download "Turn Words Into Traffic" along with your FREE Bonuses.

Purchase Online with Credit Card by Secure Server 

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It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 a.m. in the morning! 

You will be downloading and reading "Turn Words Into Traffic" and the incredible bonuses within just a few minutes... and using it to 
your own Avalanche of FREE website traffic!

To your success,


Jim & Dallas Edwards

P.S. - If you're tired of wasting money on traffic schemes that don't work, or are so complicated they eat up all your time trying to make them work, or cost so much money there's no profit left after expenses, then give "Turn Words Into Traffic" a risk-free trial! You've got nothing to lose and thousands of extra website visitors and sales to gain - Click Here Now to get started!

P.P.S. - Let's be blunt: Does your website look like a ghost town? Unless you take drastic action right now nothing is going to change. You need "Turn Words Into Traffic" because it will show you exactly how to get more visitors to your site without spending ANY money! Your satisfaction is guaranteed - get your copy right now. Click Here To Order Now!

P.P.P.S. - After all this, if there is still even the least little doubt in your mind as to whether or not you should order "Turn Words Into Traffic", read this quote from one of the most popular and respected authors on the Internet:

"This book gives you the complete and thorough answer to the question: How can you make so much passive income from your Web-based information products that you have the luxury of choosing whether you want to work -- or not -- every day of every month?

"The answer, of course, is by writing articles that others will be GLAD to publish. Articles that send qualified visitors back to YOUR Web site, ready to BUY. I've seen the strategies in this book work repeatedly in my own business, and I can tell you first-hand that Jim has more inside knowledge on getting a competitive edge with articles than anyone else I know! Get this book and watch your Web sales shoot up pronto -- and then continue to amaze you, month after month after month!"

David Garfinkel
co-author, "eBook Secrets Exposed"


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